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    • Team Xipiter, the MSU Student UAS team, can in FIRST PLACE at the 6th Annual AUVSI Student UAS Competition!!!!! Cartwheels! High 5s!! Backflips!! Ok sorry!! I can't be more proud of this team than I am now. They performed admirably at the competition. Oh yeah!! First Place!! Best Mission Performance!! Scored the HIGHEST points ever of any team in all 6 competitions!! First ever to accurately have an actionable-intelligence target. KABOOMM! The marines took that one out!! Were one of two teams to be dead-on in GPS coordinates of one of the targets!! Accurately identified the pop-up target!! Was 2nd in the oral brief and journal paper! They knocked this competition OUT of the water!! The Xawk was heard and others feared.

      Accolades and my sincere praise to Christopher Edwards, team lead, in leading this team forward to victory!! He has put in a lot of hours and time to make sure that the team was where it needed to be to win this competition. He ensured me several times that things were going to be alright when I could see the tunnel let alone the light at the end of the tunnel! Also special thanks goes to Daniel Wilson for rewriting the XBS software and rewriting the JAUS software! Without his efforts and hard work, the team probably wouldn't have placed where they did! To Peter Lamborn and XawkEyes. Great job on that software! There's a job for you at L3 Communications if you want it. To Wade Spurlock in preparing the team last summer and ensuring that all the parts and pieces were complete and ready for assembly. To Chris Brown as crew chief and avionics engineer! He made sure that the wiring was perfect and the batteries in top condition. To Savannah Ponder ensuring that the team stayed the course! Melissa Lyons for making the display boards and other things but the boards were awesome. Marty Brennan as chief pilot!! He flew superbly, saved the airplane when it needed saving, and performed wonderfully at competition. There are a lot of other names that I could mention.

      But the team this year and at competition performed like true MSU bulldogs and left a lasting impression here in Maryland. Many people outside the judging staff were impressed with the way Team Xipiter carried themselves. This team stepped up to the challenge and performed like no other team has performed: with honor, dignity, respect, and discipline!! Yeah, I'll say it, "They have no equal!"

      Congratulations to Team Xipiter. And always remember: IF IT KAWX, IT MUST BE A XAWK!!!!

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      Senior Flight Test Engineer at Raspet Flight Research laboratory
      ATD Building
      114 Airport Rd.
      Starkville, MS 39759
      Phone: 662.325.9614

  • Alex Charters Student Scholars
    • I am pleased to inform you that two of our students, Nick Chambers (MS) and Mark Dickey (undergraduate) have been named Alex Charters Student Scholars by the Hypervelocity Impact Society. This program recognizes outstanding students interested in hypervelocity impact phenomena. The award consists of travel and lodging, as well as registration and proceedings, for the biennial Hypervelocity Impact Symposium to take place this fall in Williamsburg, VA. This gathering is the pre-eminent meeting of the international hypervelocity impact community with approximately 400 attendees. Nick and Mark are two of only eleven students invited, five from the US and six from Europe and Asia. Congratulations are in order and I am confident they will represent the department, college and university in an admirable fashion!

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  • Royal C-17 Cargo Plane
    • Greeting from a '58 grad, product of Charlie Cliett.  Never
      engineered but flew for AF for 30 yrs. Thanks for the newsletter. 
      Thought a few of your students would enjoy the enclosed.  Jim

      For you aviators
      and aviation buffs, you will enjoy this.....For the
      will really be amazed......Because, just wait until you
      down to picture number 5 !!!!!





      ....O.K. for the drum-roll

      as you scroll down
      to the NEXT

      group of photos. As Paul Harvey

      likes to say,

      "Here is the rest of the story"




      The four builders are shown in the image above. Colin Straus, the owner,
      is at the nose of the aircraft.

      This 1/9th scale radio-controlled C-17 model was built in the United
      Kingdom. It was built as the centerpiece of a 15 program television
      series produced in the U.K. for the Home and Leisure satellite TV

      Built with the aid of three friends, it took one year to build and is
      powered with 4 Jetcat P-120 turbines with a total thrust of 108 lbs. The
      model weighs over 250 lbs fueled, and carries 12.5 liters (3.3 US
      gallons) of 95% kerosene and 5% turbine oil fuel. Other details include 5
      Futaba PCM receivers, 16 battery packs (93 cells), 20 Futaba servos, on
      board air compressor, electro/pneumatic retracts, etc. Wingspan is 20
      feet 8 inches, and the top of the FIN is 74 inches (6 feet 2 inches)
      above the ground. Takeoff weight is 264 lbs.

      The rear cargo doors open and they drop an r/c jeep on a pallet, as well
      as 2 free-fall r/c

      The model also has smoke systems both of the inboard turbines, and uses a
      2.4 GHz data link to provide real-time data to a laptop computer on the
      ground while in flight. This data includes airspeed, turbine RPM, EGT,
      fuel consumption, etc. Built mainly from balsa and ply, with many glass
      and carbon fiber moldings to reduce weight. It is covered in fiberglass
      and epoxy resin. Complete with retractable landing gear and pneumatically
      operated flaps.

      This C-17 Globe Master III is one of the largest jet models in the world